Eule's Vision™ Comics

Find all the issues of Eule's Vision here. Limited cover variant editions and art books are also available. 

Eule's Vision is a comic created by Jacob Stem and Chad Heinrich. It has been a lifelong dream of ours to bring a story like this to the world. 

This is the story Of Moriah Lockhart.

What do you do when Mother Earth sends one of her Heralds to cleanse your city because it’s an incessant source of damage to the planet? What if you find out it’s your own family’s generations-old company that’s at the root of the atrocities? How would you respond to the Herald destroying that company and viciously murdering your entire family?

Not enough to stir you yet? 

Well then, what would you do if your lover, your best friend and confidant, went insane without any tangible rhyme or reason? No one knows why or just happened.

I’ll tell you what you do when Sentry City...your HOME and all you have left in this overrun with crime and powerful beings called Metas because there is no one left who's willing to defend it. 

You take it back. You take back your home. You become…


Eule's Vision™  is a Faerie Metal Publishing Production.