Eule's Vision Issue 2 Available Soon on our Website

Eule's Vision Issue 2 will be available soon in our webstore.

Eule's Vision is a comic created by Jacob Stem and Chad Heinrich. It has been a lifelong dream of ours to bring a story like this to the world. Issue 1 was a great success, so here we are with another exciting issue to bring to you, the reader. Eule's Vision Issue 2, enter Willow... Our creative team this time around is Jacob Stem; Author, Chad Heinrich: Pencils/Inks, and Monica Castillo: Colors.  Let us share this dream with you. 

This is the Second issue of a 6 issue story arc we have planned out, and we hope to be able to take you along on this roller coaster journey that is Eule's Vision. Twists and turns, action and adventure! You name it, we are bringing it to you!