Eule's Vision #1: 2019 SDCC Amazing Spider-Man #300 Homage PLEASE READ

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Eule's Vision #1 2019 SDCC Amazing Spider-Man #300 Homage by Marat Mychaels! Colors by Tevan!

Back in 2019 we had the chance to do a SDCC exclusive variant with Planet Awesome Collectibles (now SMZ Comics). So Marat Mychaels created 1 of his always popular ASM 300 homages for us! We created 50 #'d copies, 25 foil #'d copies & 10 #'d metal editions. Everything sold out at the show making it 1 of the most in demand variants that we've released. 

When we have a chance on exclusives we make, we create a small run of FMP "Vault" Copies. With this cover we did just that. Printing 5 FMP editions of the regular cover and 2 FMP editions on each of the foil and metal covers. 

For the VERY FIRST TIME, we are offering these editions to the public! Here is your chance to add a rare edition to your collection.

Eule’s Vision is created by Jacob Stem and Chad Heinrich. 

Eule's Vision™  is a Faerie Metal Publishing Production.